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Welcome to FoeWaver Tech Hub. As the name implies, this site has been designed tastefully and functionally with contents that will help you enable your offline and online technologies.

This website was created because I noticed that a lot of us do not realize that there’s a whole lot more to the internet than just social networking. You can seek knowledge on a variety of subjects, make transactions and even make money while doing jobs on your smartphone or computer.

We promise the best of contents ranging from web design tips and troubleshooting to smart phone tips and also tips on how to make money online.

We have also added a classified feature which will enable you sell unwanted items and buy from others. You can also view open job, scholarships and internships opportunities.

We hope to satisfy you with an amazing experience as you stay with us. We will try as much as possible to render our features affordable and accessible to you. Please endeavour to recommend us to your friends.

Welcome once again!

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