Rising Seas and Flooded Cities

Forgive me if I haven’t told you how serious an issue Climate Change is.

The weather pattern of the world we live in is undergoing rapid unfavourable changes. These changes are majorly as a result of anthropogenic or human-mediated causes. Our lifestyles are having negative impacts on the planet.

Scientists have projected the impacts of climate change to include droughts, excessive and very uncomfortable earth surface temperature, ocean level rise and increase in spread of diseases. I decided to save ‘flooding’ for last. It would be easy for us to blame Lekki flooding on inadequate drainage systems without giving a thought to melting artic ice, increased precipitation (rainfall) and increased surface temperature which all contribute to sea-level rise and hence, flooding of low-lying coastal cities. While taking a UN-supplied course on climate change, I noticed that Lagos was listed amongst a number of countries projected to suffer flooding from ocean rise.

Another possible reason for Lekki flooding might have been greed and insensitivity to nature on the part of LASG who continually sandfill the ocean to create expensive homes for the elite.

Concerned individuals, societies and governments have begun to take the initiative and begin switching to climate-friendly lifestyles.

It is never too late for you to join.

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